The Only Teethin’ Manifesto

This site is named after a song by one of my favourite bands, The Charlatans, which features the lyrics above.

I don’t actually know the meaning behind the song, but with a pinch of artistic licence I’ve interpreted them to mean that:

at any time of life it’s A-OK to change

– that it’s absolutely worth finding the courage to quit whatever’s not making us happy

– that we should try things and go after what we want and not be afraid of failing

Because we’re only young, we have time, it’s never too late – and that applies whether you’re 22 or 82.

Oh, and ‘celebrating perfect imperfection for a fear-LESS life’ means letting go of the idea of ‘perfection’ and embracing imperfection instead, in order to live with less fear.*

*Note I say fearing LESS rather than being completely fearless – otherwise we might end up robbing banks and stroking lions and OD-ing on moonshine, therefore being completely ‘fearless’ is probably not recommended, alas.

So if you’re thinking of making the leap into self-employment and starting your own company, of ditching the 9-5 or launching a ‘side-hustle’, as the kids call it, then my aim is for Only Teethin’ to be your guide.

Handily, Only Teethin’ also refers to life with my son, Ted, born May 2017. So expect a few life/mum updates thrown in amongst advice on making it on your own terms.

Thank you for visiting. It’s very nice to have you here.



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