The 7 Month Update

Image of a seven month old baby

Ted is actually seven and a half months as I write this, so we’ll have to excuse my tardiness in setting up the blog. But better late than never and all that.

To explain these updates before I start, the idea is that I’ll try to outline the bigger milestone stuff each month, rather than ‘on day one of the month he did four solid poos!’  (I realise that there might not necessarily be big milestones to report on every month, so this is also a reminder to myself to at least try to stick to the relatively interesting parts, rather than writing about bowel movements.)

SAYING THAT THOUGH, I will start with the poos. Sorry older Ted of the future. Just allow me a brief mention. Because yes, there have been loads of them. Proper ones too that make me long for those happy, heady days of the breastmilk-only nappies that smelt a bit like bread. This is of course linked to the fact that we began ‘our weaning journey’ (as I feel it should be known in mum blog terms) last month.

The fact that Ted is now eating solids is bringing us a lot of joy as well as a lot of laundry: everything is stained with bits of broccoli and Aldi’s Organic Carrot Snacks.

I think I’ll write separately about ‘our weaning journey’ but I will mention here that his favourites so far are spaghetti bolognese, a salmon pasta recipe I found on Made For Mums, sugar-free custard and porridge with banana, which he has every morning (am I a bad mother for not offering more choice?). Currently not a hit with Ted: avocado, avocado with sweet potato, avocado and egg mixed together (I am nothing if not persistent) and a turkey mince thing.

I don’t want to jinx things but – touch wood – I’ve been surprised by how much/well he’s been eating, and how little I’ve got stressed about ‘weaning’. Of course, the two are linked, and if he wasn’t eating much then undoubtedly I’d be more stressed. But for now I’m enjoying cooking and seeing what gets the big thumbs up from our Ted. The main reason I’m so surprised is because before we started on ‘our weaning journey’, our cooking habits were quite appalling. (I mean mine and Graham’s cooking habits, obviously; Ted’s a genius baby and all but he hasn’t quite got to grips – literally – with using a spoon yet, never mind working the microwave.)

Anyway, yes, our appalling cooking habits. I remember reading, pre-Ted, that I should be batch-cooking and filling the freezer with nutritious meals. This was never going to happen. I’ll blame it on the fact that there was a heatwave just before he arrived: my feet were humongous, like two small countries, and it was all I could do to wedge my bum in a garden chair so I could eat ice lollies outside. The idea of cooking meals for us to eat in two/three/ten weeks’ time was ridiculous. Hence for ages we survived on takeaways, and sometimes eggs on toast or fishcakes with pouches of flavoured rice when we were feeling virtuous. I bet those Hemsley sisters are quaking in their non-leather boots.

I’m rambling on, but I’ll also say that, pre-Ted, Graham did most of the cooking in our house. And – this might sound a bit weird but – when G went back to work after two weeks’ paternity leave, I wanted him to immediately see to Ted when he got in, rather than ‘hiding’ in the kitchen cooking us a meal each night. I say ‘hiding’ as I accused him of this once or twice – poor fella eh? HOW DARE HE cook us a delicious meal after an eight hour shift etc etc. But in those early days especially, my need to have a break from Ted was greater than my need to eat something that didn’t come from a packet.

I’ve digressed massively…but long story short, I am now cooking healthy meals for the first time in ages and enjoying it. For now.

What else to report before this turns into the War and Peace of first blog posts?

Ted rolls around a lot and is attempting to crawl but hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet. We’ve just bought him Mothercare’s version of a Bumbo chair, because he kept leaning out of his bouncy chair. To the point where it tipped over one morning and he was left face down on the rug with the bouncy chair stuck to his back like a tortoise shell. OH GOD. To make things worse, I was out of the room at the time! Only for a minute or so, BUT STILL. No harm done but I obviously felt like the WORLD’S WORST MOTHER and thanked all the stars in the world that Ted was OK.

ANYWAY. He doesn’t appear to have been scarred by the trapped-face-down-in-the-bouncy-chair incident and seems to like his new, sturdier chair. He can still be a bit wobbly when sitting on his own, and while he’s also got his Jumperoo (which is so massive that it’s become a living room feature in its own right, replacing our lovely big palm plant), he doesn’t like to spend too long in it, so the new chair should come in handy for a while.

On to the sleep situation. It’s still not great but I think I might be about to start the process of trying to fix it. How non-committal does that sound? I just don’t want to jinx anything, or set us up for a fall. But I’m getting a bit fed up of three feeds a night being a ‘good’ night, and am definitely fed up of reaching over Ted’s Snuzpod bed (which, quite shamefully he’s still in) most nights, to soothe him or keep him asleep. Not least because of my ongoing back/neck/shoulder twinges that are getting worse as I hunch over him in varying positions of discomfort, while trying to sleep myself. People will think he’s being escorted to school by Quasimodo if we carry on like this.

What else? He has learned to clap, he squeals a lot, laughs a lot (he finds the menu screens on the TV funnier than any programme). He shakes his head from side to side and sometimes grabs my boobs when feeding, like he’s beeping one of those comedy rubber horns (honk honk). He mostly does it to my crap boob, as if he’s trying to squeeze a bit more out of it. Sorry kid. He also does it to my stomach flab, which is less amusing.

RIGHT. I have written a ridiculous amount for this first update and don’t really want to set a precedent for 1100 words each time. Blimey. BYE FOR NOW.

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