The 8 Month Update

I’m still faffing about with starting the blog properly, which means there’s only really been a couple of weeks since the last Ted update. I will try to post on the first of the month from now on. But on the plus side, the fact that there’s only been a fortnight or so between updates means that I shouldn’t be writing 1100 words this time round. One would hope.

(Also, I’ve just realised that these monthly posts will probably have a shelf life, as I don’t expect Ted will want me writing a ‘216 month update’ when he’s 18. But there I go getting ahead of myself. Let’s just crack on with today, shall we?)

Lovely Ted at eight months. EIGHT MONTHS! Blimey. I love a good cliché and what better one than EIGHT MONTHS WHAT THE HECK? I sometimes look down and am still a bit surprised to see him at my boob or rolling and farting his way across the living room. So it is unfathomable to me that eight months have passed already. But they have and here we are.

The big change since the last update is our sleep set-up. Ted is no longer in his Snuzpod next to me. We kept him in it longer than we should have, really. It’s meant to be for 0-6 months I think, and he was still in it until a couple of weeks ago. Let’s hope we haven’t stunted his growth or that really would be a bummer. (I’m kidding of course. He is fine.)

Anyway, yes, we went to London for the weekend two weeks ago and moved him into his cot when we got home. He is still in his Sleepyhead inside the cot, and we’ve got the bigger Sleepyhead for him to move into soon. Maybe tonight actually.

The other big news is that we’ve cut down on night feeds, from around three a night to one, sometimes none. WHICH IS A MIRACLE. *Touches all the wood*.

Although I’d considered trying to cut down on feeds before he moved out of our room, I changed my mind about it and then it happened accidentally anyway. I gave him his dummy rather than a feed one night because I genuinely thought I’d only just fed him, when in reality it had been three hours or so, such is the strange WHO AM I WHERE AM I haze of long-term sleep deprivation.

Despite not feeding, he still went back to sleep for another 2.5 hours, which reassured me he can’t have been starving, and so since then I’ve been offering his dummy rather than feeds.

The results have been mixed: we’ve had a couple of nights where he’s only woken up once for his dummy, and not fed at all from 7ish to 7ish. WOWSERS.

(As is always the way, I’ve had the worst nights’ sleeps myself those nights, waking hourly to check he’s still breathing and to ponder the meaning of life.)

At the moment, he is waking about FIVE times for his dummy (agh), and for the last couple of nights has also had a feed about 4 or 5am.

It’s been hard to know whether to try with a dummy or feed him straight away – sometimes he settles without a feed and sometimes he doesn’t. I don’t want to go back to several feeds a night but I don’t want to be starving him if he is genuinely hungry. Why don’t I state the obvious a bit more, eh?

ANYWAY. This uncertainty – is he hungry, is he not, will he settle, shall I throw myself out the window and have done with it – has resulted in a couple of crap nights where he’s been awake, on and off, for about an hour or so, not crying loads but enough for me and Graham to start shouting at each other about whether I should feed him or not and for everything to get a bit tense. NOT COOL.

Long story (not very) short, the sleep situation still isn’t great. But I’ve had some stretches of sleep longer than three hours. PRAISE BE. So we’ll take that, for now.

Other updates: after boasting about how well ‘our weaning journey’ had been going, we had a blip of a few days where Ted wouldn’t even eat the delicious salmon pasta he loved so much. I then understood why people get stressed about weaning. Serves me right for being a smug cow.  In the last couple of days though, his appetite seems to have returned with a vengeance. Hurrah.

Despite saying I was going to cook everything from scratch, we have slipped a bit into baby ready-meal territory. Not every night. But we bought a few Ella’s Kitchen and Aldi (half the price of EK and just as nice – I think!) pouches for when we were away and he liked them and sometimes you need an easy life.

What else? Ted is almost crawling. Almost. He’s managed to lift his fat little bum (sorry older Ted of the future) a bit further off the ground than before, and can shimmy backwards so he ends up lodged under the small chair by the window or under the sofa with a million Pringles crumbs and cat hair and god knows what.

He’s making some very funny noises, and does a weird vibrating lip thing that sounds like he might shout ‘arrriba’ and start stomping around doing the tango. (He hasn’t done so yet but I’m forever hopeful.)

And possibly my favourite moment of the day is getting him out of his cot in the morning. He loves being unzipped from his sleeping bag = FREEDOM. I stand him up on the cot and he puffs out his chest and grunts, then beams and claps YES WORLD I AM UP AND I AM HERE. That’s my boy.

Only 995 words this time! GOOD ONE. Bye for now.

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