The 10 Month Update

Ten months oldTechnically, it’s Ted at ten and a half months, at the time of writing. Drat. I’ve failed massively in sticking to my self-imposed deadline for these monthly posts. It’s been a busy few weeks with work stuff, and then it was Graham’s birthday and my mum’s birthday and Easter, and we went away for a few days and excuses, excuses….I’ve lost momentum with the blog a bit, if I’m honest, and need to get back into it again.

Also, I’d almost got this update finished last week, but didn’t save it. Normally my computer autosaves everything but for some reason there is no trace of the draft post. Gah. So this might be a bit of a rush job, but I’m vowing to get back on track from now on.

Anyway, enough waffle from me. What’s new with Ted? He ‘passed his exam’ that I was flapping about last time. It was all absolutely fine; the health visitor said more than once that he’s absolutely spot-on, so we’ll take that. Hurrah. What else? His rolling-but-not quite-crawling has now progressed to commando crawling. He’s like a very determined Krypton Factor contestant – I loved that programme – going under the net tunnel on the assault course. He moves his left leg more vigorously than his right, which gives the whole thing a slightly lop-sided quality, but heck, the boy’s got speed.

In other news, we’ve ditched his Sleepyhead Grand, which means Ted now sleeps in his cot without any kind of cushion/support/restriction. In hindsight we probably shouldn’t have bothered forking out £165 or whatever the eye-watering cost was for the Grand, without at least trying him without it after moving him from the smaller Sleepyhead he’d slept in since birth. I think we got about a month’s use out of it. Ouch.

The Grand got binned – not literally, I’m hoping we can flog it – after Ted realised he could flip over onto his stomach while still in it. This happened while we were away in Scarborough for a couple of days before Easter, when we’d put the Sleepyhead into the travel cot in our apartment. On the first night, I woke up and checked on him to find him face down, which sent me into a mad panic. I realise that by 10 months, babies usually roll about and get into all sorts of positions while sleeping but because Ted’s always been in his Sleepyhead pod, he’s always stayed put, which is just how I like it. Less potential for him to give his poor mother a coronary. But he managed to flip over in the bigger Sleepyhead, and it wasn’t a one-off, and in the end we decided that if he’s going to sleep on his belly, and on his side, and on his face, then it’s probably safer that he does it without the restrictions of the Sleepyhead.

Of course this now means that the easy naps and relatively stress-free bedtimes – when he’d usually settle easily in the Sleepyhead – are a thing of the past. Ted loves his new unrestricted sleep set-up. I’m now treated to an energetic rolling display every time I try to get him to settle. Sigh. He’s very thorough – he likes to cover every centimetre of the cot with his rolling – and there are usually sound effects: ‘DADADADADADAD’ (still!), plus the scary Dalek/Poltergeist version where he sounds possessed, and usually a few noises from him headbutting the cot sides.

At the time of writing, sleep isn’t too bad, but he’s been hit and miss again this last month or so. He’s constantly teething (he’s got one and a half top ones now too!), so there have been a few sleepless nights.

As a side note, some strange things pop into my head when I’m stooped over his cot in the darkness. The other night I started singing – in my head – ‘Staying Out for the Summer’, the ‘90s Britpop ditty by Dodgy, which I thought was odd as I’d not heard it for a long time. That song came out when I was a teen and I’ve always associated it with freedom and white lightening cider and I definitely didn’t have either of those in my possession the other night while willing Ted back to sleep, honestly officer. But then I thought about the lyrics that go ‘I was low and insecure, I didn’t want to make you cry’ and ‘now my good’s turned bad and it’s just my luck that you’re not on my side’ and it suddenly made sense to me at 3.30am and I had to stop myself from howling then leaping out of the window.

(I’m not really low and insecure, HONESTLY. I was just a bit sleep-deprived.)

Anyway, before anyone has me committed I’ll sign off for now and get back on track for the 11 month update next time. (11 MONTHS!!!!) So long x

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