The 14 Month Update

14 month old baby

July 2018, aka The Month We All Melted, was also The Month of Ted’s First Steps. Hurrah! Well done Teddy! I wanted to make a terrible joke here about steps and Steps and H and Faye and whatever that one with the brown hair was called (Lee?! I’m pretending not to know….) but….I can’t think of anything.

My mind numbness is mainly due to the fact I’ve averaged about five hours sleep a night for the last two months and am currently about as funny as when a massive fly lands on clean pots on the draining board.

See, even my similes are rubbish. (The fly situation has happened a few times, in the hot weather, and I HATE it.)

I feel like I start every update with sleep, or lack of, so apologies to any regular readers (hi Mum). I promise not to moan about it next month, unless we take steps – there they are again – to fix it. But the sleep situation is bad at the moment and it is killing me.

The problem with being an Official Sleep Bore TM, and having documented Ted’s sleep patterns in such detail each month, is that the memories of those halcyon days of better sleep are right here in black and white. Staring me in the haggard face. Taunting me.

“Last night he woke up around midnight and slept til 6.30, and the night before he slept 7-5am, and then 5.30am – 7am.” Oh, give it a rest Ms Smug.

That was from our nine month update. I think it only happened once or twice – and to give me my dues, and the sense of foreboding I had even then, I followed that with ‘I will never be smug or take it for granted, because I am always convinced that those awful sleepless nights will return.’

(And I should add that prior to that, we were on four wakings a night. Currently it is two, sometimes three. So it could be worse.)

Anyway, we’ve established that Ted’s still not sleeping well, and I’m still very tired. Let’s move on, shall we? Move being the operative word, because yes, our little Teddy Tumble is now fully mobile. Sort of. In a fashion.

Everyone tells you not to fret about development and ‘they all do things in their own time’ but as Ted’s nine month check demonstrated, I have a tendency to get a bit anxious and competitive when it comes to him hitting his milestones.

At his playgroup, there are a couple of little ones younger than Ted, who have been walking since eight or nine months. Freaks. (I’M KIDDING.) They’ve been tottering across the room while Ted’s happily stationed himself against the toy box or done his speed crawl, and I’ve been silently willing him to get his finger out and stop showing me up.


It turns out that ‘they do things in their own time’ is 100% true, in my experience. Ted didn’t seem anywhere close to walking, really, until just before he took those first steps.

Yes, he was starting to stand on his own for long periods – for a minute or so, I mean. I’m not talking hours on end like in one of those very strange endurance competitions that radio stations used to run, where people don’t eat or go to the toilet so they can win a car. But I’d notice at our playgroup that parents with younger babies would be holding their babies’ hands and encouraging them to stand, and up they’d go, whereas Ted would always be happy on his bum. My boy.

I worried that we’d conditioned him to not walk ‘early’; I worried we’d left him too long in his Bumbo seat during a crucial developmental period, or that the way I hold him when changing his nappy had made one of his legs longer than the other. Seriously.

Thankfully – and probably unsurprisingly – I don’t think anything we did, or didn’t do, had an effect on Ted’s mobility. It was like he just decided it was time. We had a couple of days where he seemed to be a bit more confident in cruising along furniture, being a bit more ‘look no hands’ and then BAM. Walking. Clever Teddy.


We’ll leave it there for this month, as it’s taken me a while to get this update finished and we’ve heard all of my sentimental hogwash before. So I’ll stop now before I find myself rifling through his old sleepsuits or poring over pics from a year ago. Ooops.

Bye for now x

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