The 15 Month Update

Dad and Ted in Fraisthorpe, East Yorkshire

I’ll get straight into it this month without the usual oh-god-where-is-the-time-going clichés because I’m on a tight schedule today. We’re about to go on our first holiday abroad and I’m trying very hard to get organised ahead of time, to save the last-minute panic that I always put myself through whenever we go away. If I’m successful, then that in itself will be noteworthy, for changing a habit of a lifetime.

Anyway. I guess as time goes on, currently, there are fewer life-altering occurrences to note in these updates.

When I started them at the beginning of the year, it was still such a novelty, having this new little person in our lives, attached to my boob, waking me up several times a night.

Many parents say ‘oh it’s like s/he’s always been here’, but I think it’s only just starting to feel like that.

The s-word is undoubtedly a massive factor in me feeling very relaxed at the moment. I won’t harp on because I could have written the world’s longest and most tedious book about our sleep woes from my previous updates, but things are good. We currently have 1 x night waking and a 6am, sometimes 7am start. Hallelujah.

I used to get a bit peeved when well-meaning folks would offer comment on the various factors that would DEFINITELY be affecting Ted’s sleep – i.e. once he’s on solids he’ll sleep better; once he’s crawling he’ll sleep better; once he’s not teething, he’ll sleep better; he’s not had a nap today, he’ll DEFINITELY sleep through tonight; he’s had a busy day, he’ll DEFINITELY sleep through tonight.

NOPE. None of these things ever affected Ted’s sleep that much.

HOWEVER. It has crossed my mind whether the current, glorious, sleep situation might be down to the fact that he is now walking. And walking some more. And generally being a miniature, Yorkshire, slower version of Forrest Gump whenever we go out.

Whatever the reason, it is good. And now we’re about to go on holiday and eff it all up again, probably.

Oh well.

So yes, Teddy loves walking. And loves carrying his favourite items to one spot of the house to another – usually from his MegaBloks table to behind the living room door, or from the living room to the little table in the dining room.

We don’t have much to report regarding speech: whenever I say ‘hiya’ he says ‘baaaaaaah!’, and sometimes greets us with ‘baaaaaaah!’. He also says ‘baaaaaaah!” if you ask him to say ‘bye’, so perhaps it’s his version of ciao, and he’s continuing with the Italian schtick I mentioned last time.

Ted the mafioso still loves his books, and still likes to press the buttons on each of his musical books at the same time – so that’s nice, particularly at 6.15am, ho ho.

He also loves pop-up books, but mostly loves pulling the flaps of them clean off. Where’s Spot?, Sophie La Girafe Peekaboo! and Cheep Cheep Pop-Up Fun have all seen better days after only a month or so of Ted’s exuberant flap-lifting.

On a different note, I’m still feeding him, which I’m fine with, even though Graham sometimes tuts and makes the odd comment about how he should be weaned off.

I might write something about feeding past ‘the norm’; it winds me up that Ted’s still just 15 months and I feel a slight pressure – not really from G, as I know he supports me, but societally – to stop, yet the World Health Organisation recommends feeding to two years. And I’ve read accounts from other mums in the same position who feel the same.

Anyway, I’m digressing when I’ve got suitcases to pack. I’ll keep this short and sweet, and will no doubt have lots more tales to tell when we’ve – touch wood – survived our first overseas trip with Master Ted.  Yikes!

Bye for now x

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