Life Update – December 2018

little boy christmas jumper

cheer up Teddy, it’s Christmas!

It’s been a while, almost two months, since I wrote one of these updates. Regular readers – hi mum – will know that they started out as a record of Ted’s monthly milestones, until I decided in October that I’d switch it up a bit and turn them into general life updates.

I mentioned last time that I was thinking of writing more about ONTROPONURRRSHIP (otherwise known as ‘entrepreneurship’ for normal people who – unlike me – don’t need reminding how to pronounce the word), and so I considered introducing that type of content to this blog.

In hindsight, I think I was panicking slightly about writing ‘only’ about motherhood.

And so, since the last update I’ve been dithering about a bit, really, unsure of where to use my limited time most wisely.

I HAVE started writing about business / entrepreneurship, but unsurprisingly, trying to wedge that content onto this site didn’t really work.

After a bit more dithering and a lot of rewriting of ‘about’ pages and whatnot, I realised I already had a business website (!) and so I’ve shifted the biz stuff over there. While also setting up a group for entrepreneurial ladies called The Standout Set. (COME JOIN!)

So where does that leave this site? Well, it leaves it in its original state – a place for me to record bits of life with Master Ted and to share the scant amount of parenting wisdom I’ve accrued over the last 18 months.


And so we are straight back into monthly update territory, in which I am constantly aghast at how quickly time is speeding by.

As we didn’t have a 17 month update/a November update, I’ve racked my brains for the noteworthy happenings across all of the last seven weeks, before coming to the conclusion that it’s actually only been in the last week or so that Ted’s development has really ramped up. How convenient!

(In truth, it’s highly likely that my memory now only recalls as far back as the last week or so.)

Anyway, onto the update – we now have words from Ted! That aren’t ‘atchoo’ (his first ‘word’)!

Sort of.

We have versions of ‘cheese’, ‘tree’ and ‘sleeve’. My mum and dad also swear that he said ‘grandma’ but I am sceptical. ‘Grandmee’, perhaps, but not ‘grandma.’

We have clear understanding of conversation! He understands numerous phrases now, such as when we ask him to fetch his shoes, or go upstairs.

When I mention brushing hair, he uses his hand to pretend he’s brushing his own barnet – which, incidentally, is still a mullet and which he hates actually having brushed.

He is much more confident in his movement now, too; he has been running at speed around the house for months and can finally make it down the kitchen step without holding onto the cupboard as he does it. He is obsessed with the bloomin’ kitchen, actually – he loves to take his cars in there and can while away hours, ok, minutes, by partaking in his ultimate favourite leisure activity: emptying the kitchen cupboards.

Tins of tuna, packets of noodles, jars of dried herbs that are two years out of date – Ted just loves to take them from the cupboards and place them in the middle of the living room, or manoeuvre them across the kitchen floor, or fill laundry baskets with them.

I think this is my favourite part of motherhood so far. I don’t mean the countless times a day I retrieve packets of couscous from somewhere in the house they shouldn’t be, but the fact that he is now a proper little chap.

A little chap with his own likes and dislikes; who takes great joy from playing with his cars and hearing his favourite songs; who chatters loudly at random times throughout the day (complete with intonation, as if he’s telling you a very detailed story); who greets you with a gigantic smile – as long as you’re not telling him he can’t go in the cupboards.

I now feel that I am getting so much back from him. I was going to say that the joy he brings feels like a reward, finally, for the 18 months of sleep deprivation and the endless am-I-doing-this-right?-worry, but I didn’t expect a reward. Honestly.

OK, maybe a little one.

I’m joking; I am already so grateful and feel so lucky every day, and so the way he makes me feel is an unexpected bonus. It’s like a surprise tax rebate, or a PPI payout. Only a million times better.

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