Life Update – January 2019

woman relaxing with magazine and coffee

a photo of me pretending to relax and look at recipes in a magazine (not exactly true to life)

Happy New Year! I haven’t quite managed to emerge yet, fully, from the festive bubble. It is taking some time. We took our tree and decorations down on the 1st and I was surprisingly glad to see the back of them; the living room suddenly looks bigger than a mousehole and I felt raring to go.

And then I realised I wasn’t sure where I was raring to go to – and now I’m back to sneaking a leftover Celebration whenever I make a cup of tea, and generally feeling like a slug.

I’m all for starting this New Year with boundless energy and positivity, how about you?

Ho ho.

AN UPDATE WITHIN THE UPDATE: In a cruel twist of fate, I wrote the above opening to this post three days ago, just as I was being struck down by a horrible bug that made my stomach resemble what I imagine a washing machine feels like, and made me physically sick for the first time in years. IT WAS HORRID.

So I could pretend that feeling less-than-100% has altered my outlook as we enter this new year – i.e. that I’ve decided NOT to go all-out “LET’S GO SMASH THOSE 2019 GOALS, AWOOOGA” because health and wellbeing is the most important thing, etc etc.

Yet I think I gave the game away in my opening paragraphs. Even before I took to my sickbed (a sickbed which doesn’t actually exist when you have a toddler, of course, WOE IS ME), I was already feeling slightly ploddy, shall we say, in my approach to the new year.

I don’t know why, really. Overwhelm? Tiredness?

Thankfully, what being under par for a few days did do – even if I didn’t actually get much time to lie in bed – was give me some time to think, and to vow to be kinder to myself.

Does it matter if I’m being a bit ploddy? No, it does not.

I’ve got a toddler who still doesn’t sleep that well. I’m working on various things while also looking after my boy.

I’m still getting things done, even it’s currently at a plodder’s rate and not at an optimum LET’S GO SMASH THOSE 2019 GOALS, AWOOOGA rate.

And that’s OK.

Also – I know I bang on about this often enough but god I am lucky. I do not want to fast forward five years, when I won’t get to spend so many lazy days with my boy, and wish I’d appreciated this time more.

So. Here’s to health, happiness and trust that things will work out OK in the end, without anyone working themselves into the ground in the process.

WOW – after that heavy start, talking about Christmas 2018 now seems akin to talking about where we went on holiday in 1988 (Cayton Bay? Skeggy?), so I’ll just say that we all had a lovely time.

small child in highchair with Christmas hat

this photo just kills me. His hand! The carrot! (ok, maybe the carrot less so…)

Ted seemed to appreciate his countless new gifts – even if he failed to notice them when we first brought him downstairs on Christmas morning, and clung to my legs instead – and he even had a go at sitting on his Thomas the Tank ride-on, which is a Very Big Deal because he hates sitting on anything you’re meant to sit on.

He’s OK with chairs, and certain laps (but not Father Christmas’s – what a disaster that was) but definitely not with bikes or rocking horses or anything that is meant to be fun for a child of his age to sit on. Oh, Teddy.

Thinking back over the last few weeks, we’ve actually not had the strongest time of it, health-wise. Nothing major, but we took Ted to see an emergency doctor before Christmas because his breathing was off, and his temperature was high… and then we were back at the docs again last week – before we were all sick – because I was worried about lumps in his neck.

I think he had Hand Foot and Mouth disease before Christmas (hence the high temp and fast breathing), and his lumps are lymph glands that swell when fighting infection. Touch wood.

Again though, these little instances of things not being 100% right are a reminder to quit moaning when things are 100% right. Right?

Right. I’m in danger of losing the plot, so I’ll sign off but not before mentioning that we have a new word! Apple! “App-ullllllll.”

I am very glad that the word is ‘apple’ and not ‘sweetcorn’. Until last week and the lurgy, Ted loved sweetcorn. Unfortunately his sickness hit after a day of enthusiastic corn eating, and – without going into too much sweetcorn-y detail – I don’t think either of us are keen to see those little yellow nobbles again anytime soon, particularly as we saw the same ones twice the other night, if you get my drift. (Sorry.)

Thankfully, aside from the sweetcorn incident, Ted hasn’t seemed too affected by the sickness, so fingers crossed we’ll all be back to full strength again soon. The Jolly Green Giant might need to put his plans for a loft conversion on hold for a bit though.

Bye for now X


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